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Tara’s Handcrafted Caramels – Are They?

False Advertising Investigation

Tara’s caramels are under investigation for a hand crafted label false advertising class action. If you purchased Tara’s caramels and thought they were hand crafted in small batches, think again, because they are not “handmade”, or from scratch, or made in small units. If you purchased Tara’s caramels
you may have noticed the pricey cost because they are comparatively expensive to other caramels as well.

Handcrafted means:
Small units
From scratch
In carefully monitored process
Substantial equipment not used

But we don’t believe they are home made or hand crafted or made in small batch.

Manufacturers are not allowed to mass manufacture a product then try to pass it off as hand made by Grandma in her kitchen. This is essentially what Tara’s would have you believe.

If you purchased these expensive caramels that are comparable to other mass produced caramels, contact us for an investigation.

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