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Cannabis THC Levels Falsely Advertised

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Did you know that it is common for THC levels in cannabis to be falsely stated on labels? Lab reports from California labs have proven that after many sample random tests, the THC content reported on the label is much lower than actual test results. If you have purchased cannabis products and are interested in investigating whether the THC labels are accurate, contact us by filling out the form on this page or calling 424-245-5505.

Lawsuits are already being filed about the false labeling. We are investigating these claims to determine which manufacturers are honestly reporting the amount of THC in cannabis products. So if you suspect there is a false label on your cannabis, contact us.

One investigation reported, “Over a year ago, a few labs fed up with what was happening got together to determine the extent of the potency inflation issue. We proactively purchased and tested over 150 randomly chosen flower samples off dispensary shelves. The results were staggering. Eighty-seven percent of the samples failed their label claims (i.e., were >10% deviant of their labeled values), with over half of the samples >20% deviant of their labeled THC values (i.e., over 2x the legal permitted variance). Additionally, our labs found multiple cases of unreported category 1 pesticides in some of the analyzed samples at multiple times the legal limit – a significant public health concern. The deceit was not limited to small cultivators trying to get by but also some of the industry’s biggest brands.” The report was published in a cannabis industry journal. Take a look here:

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