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Robinhood Class Action for Gamestop $GME and Other Stocks

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If you sold some shares after Robinhood put restrictions in place or were forced to sell (even involuntarily), please contact us for the Robinhood class action investigation. Fill out the form on this page or call 424-245-5505. We are experienced lawyers, respected by the judges who do these case and we take on large corporations like Robinhood. We are investigating a mass lawsuit similar to a class action since the contract for Robinhood users contains a requirement to arbitrate, meaning Robinhood probably won’t have to go to court to fight about their bad conduct. Gamestop stock, AMC stock and others are part of the Robinhood class action lawsuit.

We anticipate millions of Robinhood transactions have been prevented or worse, forced, and we think Robinhood needs to answer for their bad acts. If you traded for stocks like $GME $AMC $BB $BBBY or $NOK on Robinhood or any other platform, we’d like to hear from you. The stocks were in some cases sold by Robinhood against users’ wishes or in other cases, Robinhood prevented users from purchasing stocks. Contact us for a case evaluation NO COST. THESE CASES ARE ONLY TAKEN ON CONTINGENCY which means you don’t pay unless the law firm gets paid.

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Our cases are handled by top complex litigation and class action law firms known for strong results. This type of case will be handled by experts in their field, not some lemon law lawyer or local personal injury lawyer who has never filed a class action. The court appoints the lead lawyers to handle mass action lawsuits like this on against Robinhood. As one of the most prestigious class action lawyers said, “At some point, in order to drive the litigation forward in a cost-effective and efficient manner, plaintiffs’ counsel must be organized and a leadership structure established.” That means only the most experienced and well-funded firms will lead this lawsuit. You want to be on that lawyers’ client list.

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