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Cavender’s Employees Data Breach

This case is about the Cavender’s stores employees data breach class action investigation. On April 28, 2022, employees’ personal health information including the name, date of birth, medical information, health insurance information, addresses and Social Security number were allegedly disclosed . If you were an employee in the last several years and you were notified of the data breach, please contact us by calling or filing out the form on this page. You may be eligible for more than just the credit monitoring Cavender’s is offering.

Thousands of Employees are Affected

Almost 21,000 employees, current and former, are affected by this data breach of SENSITIVE information.  Don’t settle for just the monitoring they offer. You deserve more and our attorneys work hard to get it.

What Happened?

On or about April 28, 2022, Cavender’s discovered a data breach where health and sensitive personal identifiable information as well as federally and state protected health information may have been accessed and acquired. They discovered that employee benefits and payroll files had been accessed and were copied from its system. On July 20, 2022, Cavender’s began notifying individuals whose information may have been impacted. Usually companies send out letters in the mail so check that you got the letter.

What Information Was Affected. The review of the systems determined information related to certain individuals was contained within. The information varied by individual but may have included

  • Name
  • Social Security number
  • Address
  • Health insurance information
  • Medical information

Contact us for the Cavender’s data breach class action investigation. If you were an employee who was notified of the data breach or even if you have not yet been notified, contact us for the investigation.

Please Contact Us – You Have Limited Time

If you have been affected by the data breach, please contact us as soon as time permits to join the investigation. An investigation has begun to hold Cavender’s responsible for the data breach. It was allegedly avoidable and Cavender’s has allowed others to gain access to members’ information.








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