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DoorDash Tips Class Action

DoorDash Class Action

Tips or Gratuity Rip Off

We are reviewing DOORDASH case submissions for the failure to pay tips or gratuities.  A class action complaint was filed against DoorDash, Inc. for taking tips that were meant for their delivery drivers.  Please fill out the form on this page to have your case submitted for the investigation.

The Problem

When a customer places an order with DoorDash, a customer can give a gratuity, or tip, for the DoorDash delivery drivers (called “Dashers”). At one time, recently, the default “Dasher Tip” was set to 10% of the order, but the customer could leave a custom tip if the preferred.

DoorDash promised drivers a base pay for each delivery job, plus 100% of the gratuity.  However, DoorDash reportedly does not give Dashers the full tip that a consumer leaves for a Dasher.  Instead of paying this tip to the Dasher, DoorDash actually uses the gratuity to cover its costs for the guaranteed base pay promised to Dashers.  For example, if DoorDash promised the Dasher $5 base pay for the delivery, and the customer tips the Dasher in an amount of $2, the Dasher still only gets $5.

It was even advertised to get more drivers to sign up that DoorDash would pay “100% of tips” to the drivers.  There was a misleading policy that basically took the tips from drivers and kept for DoorDash’s own use (possible profit).  DoorDash reportedly explained they were keeping the extra tips to offset the guaranteed  delivery payments.

This is the basis for the lawsuit because DoorDash’s practices may be deceptive and may violate federal and state law.

If you have had these problems and would like to have your case evaluated at no cost, please submit your information on this page. If you don’t win, we won’t get paid a legal fee.  You won’t have to pay for costs or fees if we don’t win.


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