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Zubsolv Problems

Long Term Use May Cause Dental Decay

Zubsolv Update 2022 – Scroll to bottom to fill out class action lawsuit form

Zubsolv users say that long term use of Zubsolv causes dental decay. Zubsolv is a sublingual medication (under tongue). The injuries reported include dental decay, loss of teeth, cavities (dental caries), and tooth destruction. The damage is usually catastrophic for most patients who need full mouth restoration or dentures.

Many patients experienced significant dental decay and required $50,000 or more in restorative work. The repair will include tooth replacement and extraction. Prior to using Zubsolv, patients generally had good dental health.

Zubsolv Lawsuit

A Zubsolv lawsuit is being investigated.  Please submit your information via the form on this page.  It is alleged that the manufacturers, Orexo, did not sufficiently warn about the catastrophic dental damage that occurs when taking Zubsolv and so a Zubsolv lawsuit is being investigated.  There are many  victims of this Zubsolv tooth decay and they would be part of a large lawsuit like a Zubsolv class action lawsuit.  When victims search for this problem they sometimes search for a Zubsolv teeth lawsuit.  Please submit your information using the form on this page.

Zubsolv and Tooth Decay

The drug Zubsolv and tooth decay is an important topic to patients taking Zubsolv because it has resulted in cracked, crumbling, painful teeth as well as required tooth replacement. A Zubsolv class action investigation is under way for these types of damages.  That will involve a class action lawsuit against makes of Zubsolv. Please request your dental records from your dentist from before using Zubsolv as well as after.  All dental records will be required.  Fill out the form on this page to submit your information.

Zubsolv Class Action Lawsuit

Currently we need dental records from people who have suffered from this dental injury after taking Zubsolv.  We also need dental records before they started to take Zubsolv.  This will help the Zubsolv tooth decay lawsuit.

If you have suffered from dental damage after taking Zubsolv, please fill out the form and start gathering your dental records from before taking Zubsolv as well as after.

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