Zillow Shareholder Class Action

Zillow Shareholder Class Action

Join the Hundreds of Shareholders — You May be Eligible Too

Zillow shareholders have seen value in shares decrease and lose value. Zillow has been the subject of our investigation which appears to show an alarming loss of valuation due to recent and long term events. Zillow insiders have reported selling large volumes of shares according to SEC reports. The recent merger with Trulia was postponed due to undisclosed reasons.

More importantly, Zillow has been sued in multiple lawsuits and class actions alleging misconduct. This pattern of behavior was not disclosed to investors which may have improperly inflated share value. The share value on July 7, 2014 was $135.35 and has dipped to $96.94 recently, almost reaching the 52-week low.

The class action and other lawsuits involve employment discrimination and wage and hour violations that have been on-going for some lengthy periods of time. If you are interested in getting more information or being part of a shareholder class action against Zillow, please fill out the contact form on this page.

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