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Weight Watchers Class Action

Weight Watchers OnlinePlus CLASS ACTION

It has been reported that Weight Watchers has accepted payments for subscriptions to an online website and mobile application, both part of its OnlinePlus program, before either were fully operational. Further, there are reports that Weight Watchers has falsely advertised the online website and mobile application and has been able to sell and profit from subscriptions using deception that the online website and mobile application were functioning programs.

Background of the Case

As part of their Weight Watchers subscription, consumers can access the online website and/or mobile application to monitor their weight loss. Yet it is reported by some users that the online website and mobile application have not only been functioning badly, but have also caused a loss of previously entered weight calculations, points calculations, and food tracking logs.  This can be difficult to user for those following the weight loss program.

Weight Watchers appears to be aware of the problem but has yet to fix the glitches and problems or offer refunds. Weight Watchers has apologized for the faulty programming at least three times since December 1, 2015. However, as of March 2016, they have yet to introduce a fully functioning online website or mobile application. Worse yet, Weight Watchers continues to sell subscriptions to the online website and mobile application, despite their admitted glitches.

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