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Cenex Propane Tank Refill and Exchange Case

Cenex Propane Tank Refill and Exchange Lawsuit

If you have used Cenex propane tanks or refilled them or exchanged them, and would like to be part of the class action, please contact us.  These tanks are used for barbeques, gas grills, lights, appliances, camping, and RVs. Please contact us by filling out the form on this page or call us at 424-245-5505.

Despite laws that are in place to protect consumers, propane tank providers like Cenex s do not put as much propane in the tank as they should be according to the law. In fact, there is a case that is being investigated to bring in court to protect consumers who have not received all the propane they have paid for. An example of the situation people experience with Cenex is when they offer full propane cylinders to consumers in exchange for “empty” cylinders. But really, the cylinders aren’t empty. The reality is that there is always unused propane left in the cylinders that is inaccessible to the propane tank user. It is believed that the unused propane remains in the cylinders due to the design of the cylinders and the delivery systems that companies such as Cenex use.

It is reported that Cenex even knows that this unused propane remains in the cylinders when they are returned for exchange and yet they fail to inform customers of this fact. Cenex doesn’t give full disclosure of this fact to its customers or to the public. Instead, they are reported to make false and misleading representations to consumers that their “empty” cylinders are being exchanged for full ones.  But Cenex surely has ways to measure the propane left in the cylinders when they are exchanged but they don’t provide a way of giving credit for the unused propane when consumers exchange their cylinders. There could be a really easy way to measure the amount left in the tank when it’s exchanged, but Cenex doesn’t do this.  They just take what’s left in the exchanged tank and don’t credit the customer.  This is not fair and Cenex profits by taking from consumers without giving any option or compensation.

It’s reported that Cenex reuses and resells the leftover propane to other customers, so they profit from their own customers without telling them.  The customers who have tanks  to be refilled believe that the tank is empty and return it to Cenex with propane still in it.  The tank seems empty because the design of the tank does not allow the last part of the propane to be extracted or come out with enough volume to fuel the appliance or item that the tank is attached to, like a barbeque.  So the customer thinks that the propane is not coming out and then they disconnect the propane tank and bring it back to Cenex for exchange or refill.  If it’s exchanged, the customer loses the rest of the propane in the tank. If it’s refilled, the customer never gets the remaining propane because the design of the tank always leave left over propane at the bottom of the tank.

If you have exchanged or refilled an Cenex propane tank, we would like to help you get a fair amount from Cenex to make up for what they have taken. To be included in the investigation and the class action, please contact us at 424-245-5505 or fill out the form on this page.

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