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AmeriGas Propane Tank Class Action Lawsuit

AmeriGas Propane Tank Class Action Lawsuit

There is a problem reported by customers of AmeriGas and the complaint is about the left over propane gas left in the tank.

There are two main complaints: It seems like the full tank should last longer or there is some left in the tank that customers cannot access. We are investigating this case and would like to hear from you.  Please contact us at 424-245-5505 or fill out the form on this page.

What is the AmeriGas Propane Tank Lawsuit About?

What people don’t know is that they can never get the last part of the propane in the tank because AmeriGas designed the tank to leave some in the tank. But they don’t tell their customers about it.  It usually happens when consumers bring their cylinders in for exchange when the propane in the tanks is no longer coming out with enough volume to light their gas grills, lamps or other appliances. Even though the propane is not coming out with enough volume to light the appliances, there is still approximately ten percent or more of the propane left in the cylinders but the consumers receive absolutely no credit when exchanging the cylinders for new ones.  What seems unfair is that when consumers pay for the new cylinders in exchange, they are paying for all of the propane in the cylinder at the time of purchase, which is typically 15 to 15.5 pounds. But AmeriGas reportedly knows there is propane left in the cylinder being exchanged yet they fail to inform consumers of this fact.

Even though there are methods or equipment that would allow consumers to use the rest of the propane left in the cylinders,  this information is not  made known to consumers. There are also simple ways of measuring the propane left.  Although the cylinders are called “20 pound cylinders” and they can hold approximately 17.5 pounds of propane safely, the industry practice is to fill the cylinders to be sold to consumers at 15 – 15.5 pounds.

The 20 lb. cylinders are not really filled with 20 lbs. of propane.  A store or company may try to tell you that the 20 lb cylinder can only hold 15 pounds because they cannot be filled all the way up due to safety. But that’s not really true.  With the full 20 lbs there is still about 20% space left for expansion.  It is incorrect to say that a 20 lb tank can only safely hold 16 lbs of propane.

Why is the under filling a problem?

Most people don’t realize they are only getting about ¾ (three-quarters) of a tank even when they fill it to 15 lbs.

The tank runs out faster thanthey thought it would and so people have to make more trips to fill their tanks and they lose the last part of the propane in the tank.

When a tank is exchanged, there are extra costs so if there is an exchange with propane left (and unknown to the customer) they have to pay the extra costs more often.

There is wasted propane that the customer already paid for. Now AmeriGas gets to profit from that.

AmeriGas Propane Tank Lawsuit

If you have exchanged or refilled a tank with AmeriGas, we would like to help you get a fair amount from AmeriGas to make up for what they have taken. To be included in the investigation and the class action, please contact us at 424-245-5505 or fill out the form on this page.

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