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EOS LIP BALM is suspected of falsely marketing and advertising its “Evolution of Smooth.” If you have purchased or used ANY EOS Lip Balm, we are seeking to get your money back. Please contact us using the form on this page or call us at 424-245-5505. The lip balm says it provides smooth coverage with moisture for softer more beautiful lips, but there is evidence that it causes injury. The Class Action News is currently investigating this case.

EOS is a brand of lip balm that is used around the world. Consumers have reported that even though EOS product says that its product is 99% organic and 100% natural, it is “anything but natural. EOS is also being sued in a class action for the injuries it caused to users. When users think they are using a product that will help with their lip condition, they actually are harmed because of the ingredients. Many people have reported injury and there are photos posted online of celebrities and other users. The photos show severe damage to the lip skin and surrounding area.
We are seeking to get EOS to change their lip balm advertising and stop any advertising that says the product is safe and effective.
A recent report stated that the EOS lip balm caused, bleeding, blisters, boils and rashes. It is also reported that EOS’s “tocopherol” ingredient, another term for Vitamin E, can cause irritation to people who are allergic. Internet Advertising and Celebrity Endorsement

Internet Advertising and Celebrity Endorsement

EOS has obtained endorsements by many celebrities for the product in its advertisements that show images of celebrities and their use of the product. This type of advertising endorsement is done to increase sales and can increase the price of the endorsed product. Consumers who see this advertising may believe the product is more valuable if a celebrity uses it for themselves and thus pay a premium for the product.

 False Advertising
A product may be marketed or advertised incorrectly if it leads the consumer to believe it is substantially better than a competitor’s product and causes the consumer to purchase the incorrectly advertised product. False advertising of consumer products is unfair to both consumers and close competitors of the company that is advertising. It can cause competitors to lose sales as well as change consumer opinions on the products they are thinking about purchasing.
In the EOS Lip Balm case, if a consumer purchases the lip balm thinking that it gives softer, more beautiful lips compared to a competitor, the consumer is likely to buy that product rather than another. They are also more likely to buy it if it is endorsed by celebrities who do not reveal their injuries. However, anyone who purchases the product believing the false claims are generally paying a higher price and not getting anything better for the incorrectly advertised product.

Reports indicate that EOS Lip Balm has incorrectly advertised its product “Smooth Coverage.” If you have purchased or used EOS product, please contact us using the form on this page or call us at 424-245-5505. You may be part of a class action lawsuit.

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